Our expertise

Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

We advise and support companies active in information and communication technologies. 
These companies provide amongst others the following services or products: 

  • Industrial automation 
  • Software and network security services 
  • Telematics software and hardware 
  • SAAS 
  • Cloud-based services 
  • Software for banks and financial institutions 
  • Software/hardware/services for data centres

ASIC Design & Development

We provide legal support to companies that develop, design and supply ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) 
for use in medical devices, automotive, aerospace, etc.

Automotive Industry

We have worked for one of the world largest car OEMs, with focus on long term research contracts, IT contracts, intragroup agreements. 
Beside the automotive industry we have experience working for companies specialized in o.a. the production of high tech printing engines.

Smart Mobility Services

We advise and support companies providing smart mobility and traffic management services, as well as mobile parking payment services and applications. We handle issues related to big data, data protection, and draft commercial agreements with suppliers, customers and end-users.

Cyber Security

We advise clients to manage their legal risks related to cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.
We also provide advice on the legal and compliance requirements such as the board and management reporting responsibilities, as well as on the procedures and policies that must be implemented in your organization.
Thirdly, we have access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts to perform a cybersecurity audit and who can provide your organization with a plan to improve your level of security.


We advise several start-up companies, mainly in high tech, to set up their company, implement capital increases, 
shareholder agreements, articles of association, as well as the establishment of a portfolio of standard contracts, 
or the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)